Friday, October 18, 2019

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Will mangoes make you fat?

Every time mangoes are in season, there are two distinct groups of people. The first...

ONE MAJOR tip to reduce belly- fat FAST!

Such a click-bait title, but seriously, if there was only one tip I could give...

Quinoa- Almond milk breakfast bowl

That's my Quinoa- Almond milk breakfast bowl with a dash of spirulin powder. It's pure...

Do women actually get ‘bulkier and masculine’ when they start lifting weights?

Most women I talk to, especially in India do not want to take up weight...

5 tips to help you sleep better and wake up feeling amazing!

I do not really know if I am a morning person or wake up early...

Vegan ‘MUST HAVE’ Supplement Stack

There is actually very little information available online in terms of what supplements (if any)...

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