Monday, May 20, 2019

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My top 5 favourite fitness apps/ websites.

This posts goes out to people just stepping into getting fit, the once already going...

Moderation is the key

Lately I have been coming across many people who started their 2017 New Year's fitness...

Five differences between an athlete and seasonal- dieters.

Let's just start of by saying everyone is an athlete (totally stole that from Philip...

Why You Should Do Cardio When You Are Sore?

  Cardio when sore... This is why you should do it too... If you have not already...

ONE MAJOR tip to reduce belly- fat FAST!

Such a click-bait title, but seriously, if there was only one tip I could give...

5 reasons you are not losing weight inspite of trying everything.

Weight- loss. Oh that word and the multi billion dollar industry build around it. Type...

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