Why You Should Do Cardio When You Are Sore?



Cardio when sore… This is why you should do it too…

If you have not already read my post on understanding the types of cardio and which to choose based on your health goals, read that here first.

Cardio is a necessary evil and according to me, must be a part of your fitness routine irrespective of your goals. Sure, the type of cardio you choose will vary depending on how you would like your body to be sculpt, but do not neglect cardio.

The first week at the gym or even an intense training session coming back after a break can be daunting since it leaves you feeling sore and in pain. The last thing I suggest clients is to take pain killers. Soreness could be due to the micro tear’s in your muscle fiber’s, or due to the accumulation of lactic acid (by product released when your body depletes glycogen storages as you train). Soreness is only extreme, when you train 60% over what your body is currently used to. If you are a fresher, ask your trainer to reduce the intensity till your body responds better than only then increase the intensity. You will get strong over the next few weeks, and eventually the soreness will go.

Most of the times soreness is caused when there is too much lactic acid (by product released when glucose is broken down for energy in the body during exercise) accumulated in the blood stream. Now one of the ways to get rid of this lactic acid is by increasing the blood circulation in the body, hence pushing it out of the muscles. Low intensity steady state cardio helps with exactly that! It increases the blood circulation within your system without causing more muscle wear and tear. This form of cardio is exceptional when trying to get your body used to a new training circuit.

You could incorporate cardio as part of your routine in one of two ways:

1) Adding it every alternate day to strength training.
2) Adding it as part of your post workout.

Depending on your health goals and endurance level, the time for cardio will vary. I suggest adding in a minimum 20 minutes of moderate intensity steady state (MISS) cardio though. When I say MISS, I mean 20 min of brisk walk/ jog type vs running/ sprints. These sessions are not meant to exhaust you, but only to increase the blood flow in your body and recover.

Another alternative if you are too exhausted is to get a body massage or ask a partner to stretch you. Body massages and stretches will also increase the blood flow in your muscle fiber’s, leaving you feeling much refreshed!

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