Delicious breakfast recipes using oats!

I absolutely cannot believe it when someone tells me that they do not like the good ol’ oats for breakfast. Since when I discovered how to make these yummy deconstructed ice cream bowls for breakfast, my first meal is literally my favourite meal. And the good part is, that the varieties are endless! Not only in terms of flavour, but also in terms of using different pseudo- grains instead of oats such as millets, quinoa, buckwheat etc. Rolled oats however are my favourite just because it is so easy to prepare.

Here are two fantastic breakfast options that will help you kick start your morning while also ensuring you get your does of micro- nutrients for the day!

The first one is the blueberry- espresso parfait.

Layer 1 and 3: Frozen berries+ Unived Vanilla Espresso Lean protein powder + Almond mylk+ Ice! Blend it all up

Layer 2: Rolled oats soaked in almond mylk.

Toppings: Blueberries+ Goji berries+ Chia seeds.

For all those following me from India, frozen berries are rather easy to find in stores such as Natures Basket and Food Hall, but you can feel free to swap the berries with seasonal fruits such as mangoes or strawberries and still maintain the delicious flavours of this dish!

The second one is the Chocolate- Peanut Butter parfait.

Layer 1 and 3: Rolled oats soaked in soy mylk and Unived’s Peanut butter

Layer 2: Banana+ Soy mylk+ Unived Choco Vanilla lean protein. . All blend together!

Toppings: Seed mix+ pomegranate+ Chocolate sauce!

For all those wondering if you really need to add protein powder’s even if you don’t hit the gym, its much better than taking junk calories later as your 11 am snack! Proteins keep you fuller, longer. It also helps kick start your metabolism and will ensure you are burning calories all day long. So adding 1/2 scoop if you don’t train and 1 scoop if you do is a great option! The measurements for the rest of the ingredients are up to your liking.

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