High- protein vegan buddha bowl.

Though I mostly prefer starting my mornings with something sweet any day, I often have my clients request me for savoury breakfast options. So here is one I tried and absolutely loved! Buddha bowl’s are a great way to medley multiple ingredients and also use up everything in the fridge going bad. The flavours always seem to work as long as you have the right seasoning or sauces. This one here was keeping in mind a little bit extra protein to help you kick start your day.

Having fibrous and healthy carbs like sweet potato and quinoa early on the day will ensure you do not binge eat or have cravings to eat junk mid- morning. Adding 20- 25 grams of easy digesting plant- based proteins will also help pump your metabolism and get your body to burn calories while at rest all day long. Do not miss out on your greens though! A little bit of spinach or kale is enough to ensure you get your micro- nutrients early in the morning.

This Buddha bowl is composed of the following:
– Lime- cilantro quinoa
– Herbed crispy hash browns
– Asian style stir fried tofu
– Garlic salt infused spinach

Every single one of these ingredients work great as a dish in itself! My total cooking time for this dish was no more than 30 minutes. But yes, it does require quite a bit of ingredients! I would suggest you open up the fridge and use up everything going bad instead of stick to the exact same recipe I made.

Lime- cilantro Quinoa

I found a simple yet yumm way to cook quinoa! Soak and wash them for a few hours first of course. You could use quinoa without prior soaking, but soaking allows quinoa to germinate. Meaning it is easier to digest and also has better bioavailability- the ability for the body to absorb nutrients.

Now that your quinoa is ready to cook, pour it in a cooking pot with twice as much water, some minced ginger and garlic. Let it cook well for 20 minutes while you prepare the rest of the ingredients. Keep adding water if needed.

Once cooked, rinse and add some lime and cilantro for a refreshing flavor.

Herbed crispy hash browns

Now I wanted this simple. No butters, egg replacers or too much oil. So all I added to grated sweet potato was some sea salt, Italian seasoning, chilly flakes and a tbsp. of olive oil.

All this went to my non- stick cooking grill for 4-6 minutes on either sides till golden brown. It was perfect! You could also grill some tomatoes or capsicum drizzles with garlic- oil dressing if you like.

Asian style stir fried tofu

This is probably my most favorite part of the bowl. I love tofu and in any form, it tastes delicious! So the easiest way I have found to stir fry it is just by marinating it in sauces of your choice. Now if you are on a fat- loss program or trying to stay healthy, watch the sauces. I use a tbsp. each of the garlic and shezwan and the picture below has the exact sauces I use.

Cut your tofu into small pieces and blend them in with the sauces. Let it marinate for as long as you have (I mostly just have 5 minutes). Then stir fry these (no oil’s needed since the sauce will have some oil) on medium for about 3-4 minutes per side. Don’t mess with it too much, don’t worry, it will not stick to the pan unless you mess with it every minute. Once cooked golden- brown, it easily turns.

I use an electronic non stick pan (tawa) to stir fry. It caramelises beautifully without the need to add too much oil’s.

Garlic- salt infused spinach

If there is one way to make garlic tasty, this is it! I used just water to sauté a forest full of garlic which ended as a handful ;). I would also add some mushrooms here for mushroom lovers! Mushrooms help regularize your thyroid hormone and are a great additive to your daily diet. Once the spinach is semi- cooked, add in a tbsp. of coconut vinegar from Unived, some garlic salts (or minced garlic and sea salt) and pepper. But not too much. Everything else on the plate is over powering with flavor, so you want your spinach to be subtle. Also remember not to overcook it and take it off the flame in a few minutes only.

The final step of course is the assembly! Chop up some avocados for some healthy fats on the top. This is truly delicious. Make sure to tag me if you decide to try this and upload it on your social’s.

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