Vegan Kale salad with creamy cheese dressing.

My valentines day was spend Raw Vegan this year! If you have been following me on Instagram , you must be aware that I am experimenting a fully raw vegan diet for three days. I know it is not enough time to see any real changes as to how my body responds, but I took this up more as a will power drive. Also wanted to put into use all the delicious fresh veggies that Nature’s Treat was so generous to present me with.

Contrary to my expectations, I actually felt more energised during my workouts. However, since veggies and fruits are not as calorically dense, towards the end of the day I felt a fall in energy and just wanted to sleep. Had I planned my meals well in advance and still made sure I ate close to 2000 calories, I probably would have felt better.

Anyways, one of the recipes I experimented and perfected on the very first go was this delicious and creamy Kale- strawberry salad with a cashew- rosemary dressing. It was yummy and so very creamy! Kale is very healthy as we all know but does not necessarily please everyone’s taste buds. This recipe however will appeal to everyone even if you are the world’s biggest kale hater. The creaminess of the cashew sauce marinates the Kale so well and having a few small chunks of strawberries every bite of the salad adds sweetness to the salad, balancing the bitter- salty taste of Kale.

I started by assembling the veggies for my salad. The first step was to make a bed of purple cabbage, and top it with finely cup strawberries. I also added some freshly cut carrots later.

Then went in the Kale.

Now for the dressing:

Now this was an experiment but I could not have got it any more yummy- er ;).
Full recipe to the same with quantity and ingredients is listed below. I used soaked cashews for 8- 10 hours and used that as the base for my sauce. To the cashews, I added nutritional yeast, chia seeds, fresh rosemary and thyme. Ok so if you live in India and have not yet tried nutritional yeast, you must! Do not avoid recipes that have nutritional yeast, instead order some and try it! It delicious. Here is a link to order.

Blend it all in and mix only about 2-3 tbps with your kale salad. You can use the rest for days to come. Will store exceptionally well in the fridge for 5-8 days.

Here is what the final product looks like:

Lets discuss recipe:

Salad ingredients:

Kale- 1 Bunch
Carrots: 2 medium size
Strawberries: 100- 150 grams

Cashews: 100 grams soaked overnight
Nutritional yeast: 2 tbps
Rosemary (fresh): 4 tbps
Thyme: 2 tbps
Chia seeds: 1 tbps
Salt and pepper to taste.
Blend all with very little water. The sauce should be thick and creamy.

Give this recipe a try and make sure to post your reviews in the comments section below.

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