My top 5 favourite fitness apps/ websites.

This posts goes out to people just stepping into getting fit, the once already going to the gym and even old time fitness veterans. Basically if you are even thinking about getting fit, this is sort of a DIY guide to help you get started. I have been training as a fitness coach for over 5 years now and my journey started working on my own fitness first. I have trained under multiple trainers and now a couple of 100 clients and few international certificates later, I can say that these are some of my favourite to use fitness apps/ websites. If you spend enough time on these, trust me you do not need any online coach or personal trainers but can start writing your transformation story all by yourself.

Of course there are multiple other apps that I did not mention here since I wanted to limit the post to only top five, so do your own research and add to the comment box any of your favourites that I missed out on.

I am also listing them in the order for beginners to follow easily but definitely not in the order of my personal favourites among the list. My favourites keep changing with time and what exactly my goals are then.

1) SELFNutrition Data

Well actually only the daily needs calculator part of this website. The first ever thing you will need to decide on when trying to lose/ gain or maintain weight is what are your daily needs in terms of calories. Now no calorie calculator on the planet will give you ‘the exact’ number, but it is good to have a ball park idea as your starting point so you can visibly see what happens when you eat more or less than that number.

This part is fairly easy to use. Just fill in your age, height, weight and activity level per day and it will spit out a random number. NOTE: Unlike some other BMR calculators on the internet, this one calculates your activity level also, so gives more calories to eat :). Write this number down some place safe, it will be the deciding point of everything that will go on your plate for the next few weeks to come while on your transformation.

When trying to lose weight, eat 200- 300 calories less than this number and when trying to gain weight, eat 200- 300 calories more.

2) MyFitnessPal

Now that you have your magical number, the next big step is to start tracking! Download the phone app instead of using the desktop one. It is the most easy to use FREE, helpful app out there! Once downloaded and set up, go to Goals< Calories, carbs, protein and Fat goals and change your daily caloric intake. Do not consume anything less than 1500 calories even when you are on a fat- loss program! You do not want to lose a little extra weight at the cost of your health and metabolic levels. Do not worry too much about your 'macros' just yet. Macros (percentage of your food which is carbs/ proteins or fats greatly vary as per your health goals and there is no one magic formula that fits all unlike we did for caloric intake. On a plant- based diet however try and stick to 60/20/20 with 60% of your total calories coming in for carbs. This works great on a plant- based diet (unless you are just eating junk and processed vegan food) since you will be mostly eating fruits and vegetables which are both very high in fibre. So even though you are taking in mostly carbs, its fibrous carbs and if anything will help you lose weight and get fitter. Plus on the other hand your body cannot even absorb anything more than 20- 25% of calories coming in from proteins. You might have to play around with your macros ration for a few months to see what works best on your body. Its a little bit of work but hey, you decided to take on this DIY project! You can alternatively of course hire a fitness expert like me to help you figure things out too! Now all that is left is to start tracking calories. Everything you eat or drink, enter it in your MFP(MyFitnessPal) diary. It takes a few weeks, but you will soon get a hang of the same. I use it very regularly for myself and for my clients and this cannot get easier. 3)

The name sounds like its for people who want to bulk up and spend all their time at the gym, but trust me there is no other site out there that provides the vast knowledge of information as here, with detailed videos and even recipes that is so easy to navigate. No matter what your goals are, you will find a plan here. Apart from the fact that it keeps nudging you to buy their supplements, its a great site.

For the longest time this site was free but only recently have they started charging for being able to see all their features. Its a small amount to pay though in comparison to hiring a fitness expert online or a personal trainer at the gym. I have not used their mobile app yet but I am sure you can integrate your account and track the weights you life to see progress.

Personal suggestion: Get on the ‘shortcut to shred’ plan for fat- loss if you are a beginner and the FST- 7 lean bulking plan for intermediate level. I have tried a lot of different plans and absolutely love this site!

4) Nike+ Run Club

Ok, so you know your magical calorie intake number and you are now getting a hang of tracking calories but gosh you hate the gym! You tried surfing through and its not your type of thing. You want to do something outdoor instead. This app is just the thing you want! Download their phone app (free) and try one among the multiple guided run’s! I only recently discovered this all and HIIT runs have never been better. Since it is guided run’s, will really motivate you to try something new everyday and have a constant motivation coach on the go!

I know many of my clients who have started using this and got so inspired that they are now preparing for their first ever marathons. You literally do not need any machines, just a pair of good running shoes and the determination to go out and run. Though these are guided run’s, they are set to YOUR pace. Its only YOU competing against YOU. I personally LOVE the gym floor and am not a runner but do at least two of these short guided run’s per week. It is easy to squeeze these in since they have guided run’s as short as 20 minutes long! I got you all motivated now din’t I 🙂

5) RomWod

I only discovered this site (they do not have a phone app yet) a few months back and really wonder how I survived so many years without it. This website ensures you stay out of injuries. But, much more than that too, this site was the reason I actually started doing my stretches seriously and all my compound movements such as squats and deadlifts have improved since then. My body is recovering much faster and responding to strength training much better. The guided stretching videos in this site are also very meditative and soothing. You will actually be able to pin point muscles you want to stretch and guided videos ranging from 20 to 60 minutes will pop up to choose from.

I highly recommend doing one of these every single day post your workout. I have also started adding them for my clients everyday along with guided meditation. The only drawback of the site is that you cannot pre download the videos and will need strong internet connectivity to stream them live. This becomes difficult if you do not have a good internet package on your phone. I however also like doing them a few hours post dinner and right before bedtime on days I do not have time immediately post workout.

If you are a beginner, this post is literally ass you need to know to get started. All the very best with your fitness journey and as always, I am happy to answer questions if you might have any.

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