What do I listen to when running a 5km?

Running does NOT give me the ‘runner’s high’. It is really NOT the most fun activity for me and I will avoid it whenever possible. I personally would love to do anything that involves iron and lifting heavy weights ;). But have been trying to excel at running lately and even prepare my body for my first ever trail run (25 km)! I know right, its exciting!

However, I NEED music plugged in at all times while running. Yes, I will go back home and NOT run if my headphones are not charged or my phone is dying or something. I might consider running barefoot but will not run without music plugged in.

Now I love desi music in general be it a club or the gym floor, but most of my running music is all english with a couple exceptions. Most of these songs are very motivating and will keep you self motivated to run faster. They are also all upbeat and peppy, duh! The playlist is 30 minutes long so if you are planning to listen to these while running a 5km, aim to finish the 5km before the playlist gets over (:

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