What clients have to say...

"I have had many personal trainers both in the US as well as in India. Roshni is amongst the best trainers because Unlike most trainers who believe their main job is to simply push push and push, she ensures you hit your goals of fitness or weight loss without you risking injury (Trust me! she will push you but in the right way).

- Avinash Chakravarthy

Avinash Chakravarthy

"Her commitment to fitness (herself and her clients) is overwhelming and she is able to transfer that spirit to those around her. She is a great mix of tough and encouraging. Every session with her seems to take you just that bit over what you think is your limit.

- Ganapathy


"If you want to experience power packed results, working with this dynamite of energy is a great beginning to a new you.

- Mitali Rajadithya

Mitali Rajadithya

"I had taken Roshini's diet plan and right in the first month I lost 4 kgs. But be assured it was not some random crash diet that made me suffer or stay hungry. Roshini had planned the diet in such a way the it wide suit my busy schedule., full of nutrition, frequent meals that kept me feeling satiated all the time and never hungry, detailed menu plan with recipies and cooking lessons... most importantly through the diet plan I cud feel lighter and stronger at the same time. All thanks to Roshini and her expertise in the field of Nutrition and fitness.. I can vouche if it's Roshini U R in Safe hands.

- Priya M

Priya M

"The one main factor that attracted me to train under Roshini was her vegan approach to health. I am a recently changed vegan person and to follow right kind of swaps was a tuff task. Roshini helped me fix it at ease covering all the nutritional properties and thoroughly enjoyed training under her. Will definitely take my learning in long run.all best dear continue changing life's. Cheers

- Preeja Menon

Preeja Menon

"I have been knowing Roshni since 5 years now.. I was just a member of her gym ! She was always good to chat with and give amazing food tips. It’s been 4 years now I left India and have to adopt culture and food habits in UK . Even if I was trying hard to get myself motivated , I was not able to . I spoke to Roshni in 2016 and was really happy to know that she has online programs and most importantly the changes I saw in her motivated to jump in to those programs even if the timezone were different . It really helped me a lot as she could easily understand our food habits and gave me guidance which I was able to adopt without forcing me on anything . I had always seen amazing results whenever I followed her program! Of course she is an insta motivator and a perfect example of healthy lifestyle !

- Upasana


"Things I love about Roshni

  • Her enthusiasm towards working on improving herself and others.
  • She openly shares the knowledge she has.
  • love her YouTube channel and Instagram page so detailed and informative.

Being on a 3months program with Roshni,

I learnt how important it is to loose fat n gain muscle to increase metabolism for overall weight loss. Her diet plans are a high carb - vegan hence I never felt deprived of food or felt like I was on a starvation plan. she always kept it touch with a WhatsApp which kept me motivated and focused. And most important factor was I had never felt so energetic and fit before this.

- Dilshad


"I signed up for Roshni’s 3 month nutrition and fitness program and had a very successful and rewarding experience. Her 90% plant based diet is realistic and not too rigid. As a vegetarian who turned vegan for her plan I felt supported through the journey. Training with her online was convenient as she would review questions regarding posture etc over videos. She is very knowledgeable in her field and I would recommend her online training and nutrition program to all.

- Anisha Kulkarni

Anisha Kulkarni

"I had done a plant based diet before and had given up. But with Roshni I learned so much about fitness and nutrition that I feel super confident and don't even feel like I'm on a diet anymore! Apart from which all my friends and family were very impressed with the short term body results I was able to achieve.

- Ana


"I’ve joined Roshni for two online programs.

She turned me to the healthy vegan way - it’s two years now, and my transition from diary was smooth, and nothing short of a blessing! Inspired my husband also turned vegan!

The best part on my journey with Roshni is I’ve learned to *EAT*. Until I met her, I’ve always deprived myself of food!

I lost four kgs on the twelve-week program, comfortably eating food! It made me believe in her; today fitness and eating right ihas become a way of life.

The best tip that I follow from her to date is the 80/20 rule while eating. And also, she is always accessible in case I need her advice once in a while. I am sure we will share this bond forever. Love you Girl - Thank You, for teaching me to EAT ;)

- Anamika k Lalwani