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let’s make fitness fun

If you do not look forward to your fitness hour every day, it's probably because you have over complicated it. Go to the gym if it fits in your schedule and you like it, workout at home for 20- minutes per day if you don’t! Let’s keep it easy and enjoyable.

Let's simplify nutrition and keep meal time fun

We complicate food too much. Low carb/ high carb/ low fat/ high protein.. blah blah blah! Best results only come when you make sustainable lifestyle changes. Let’s simplify nutrition and make mealtime fun!>


About Me

Getting in shape is not just a physical battle. It is more than that, having studied psychology for my Bachelors and Masters, I use fitness for more than just health. I personally find it a form of therapy. Think about it, when you workout, you release endorphins which make you happier and reduce the cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your body.

But I see people so often who look at ‘fitness hour’ as a burden. I want to help you change that though process. I want to show you why I love fitness so much and make you fall in love with fitness. Trust me, a few months with me and I will make it a part of your lifestyle.

Same goes with food. Who says you have to eat bland, boring meals all day long. If you have been actively following me on social media, you see what my clients and I eat. It’s anything but boring. Food is life! It should be colorful and exciting. Every meal you sit for should be a celebration. Healthy eating should come naturally to you.

Transformation Packages

Everybody is different and thus all my plans are unique. No matter what part of the world you are from, lets start working on your goals and start YOUR transformation story

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